SNU Leadership

Upon receiving his Master’s Degree from Southern Nazarene University, Kenny Moore made the decision to continue his education and work towards his Doctorate at SNU. Now the Union Public Schools Freshman Academy Principal, Moore served the Coweta school system teaching business and working as a football and soccer coach.

Moore made the decision to attend SNU after seeking the advice of several colleagues. The scheduling system and flexibility made it an easy decision.

“After speaking to some former colleagues about their experience at SNU, it sounded like it would be a great fit to pursue my master's degree and still be able to maintain my time commitments to coaching and my family. After immensely enjoying my time in the MAEL program, I was thrilled to hear that SNU would be launching a doctorate program as well, and jumped at the opportunity to be a member of the first Tulsa cohort,” said Moore.

Southern Nazarene University became more than just another class or credit. Moore discovered a great way to network within his profession while getting closer to that degree.

“I really enjoy the professional and personal bonds that are formed as part of the cohort experience. The network that I’ve been able to form being a part of the SNU family has really helped with new career opportunities and allowed me to build solid friendships with people from around the state. I also really enjoyed the practical aspect of the MAEL program, with all of my instructors being practicing administrators that were able to share invaluable insight from their time in the field,” said Moore.

Having his Doctorate will allow Moore to pursue more opportunities as an administrator in the future.

“I have already increased my knowledge base tremendously since joining the first DEAL cohort. Being able to increase my capacity as a leader and understand not only classical theory, but more importantly current trends in education will be invaluable as I look forward to the next chapter in my career,” said Moore.

The future Dr. Moore offers this advice to anyone looking to continue their education in the Master’s program or in pursuit of a Doctorate.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend SNU to any adult wishing to continue their education. The Christ-centered approach and overall feeling of family is an incredible experience that is sure to serve any prospective student well in pursuit of taking their career to the next level,” said Moore.