Excel 1125

The soon-to-be senior was certainly looking forward to taking the field this year, but circumstances dictated otherwise. Regardless of the situation, Fran Badillo has made the most of it as she finishes out the school year with online classes.

The Union High School starting midfielder and forward loves playing with this group of girls, win or lose.

“My teammates always stay together, no matter the losses we have and the wins, we always stayed as a whole,” said Badillo.

A 13-year veteran of the sport, Badillo and her family love the game and spend a lot of their free time playing together.

“In my free time I like to play soccer with my family and work out,” said Badillo.

If you know Badillo, then you know she loves her family. They are always her top priority.

“I love my family no matter what we go through, they will always be my number one.”

As a student-athlete, Badillo enjoys most of her classes but she enjoys English class the most.

“My favorite subject is English and my favorite teacher is Jim Douthat,” said Badillo.

Her future plans include going to college at Northeastern State University where she will be a RiverHawk.